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Snow Stop
I kept this image reversed because I like the composition better that way..

Recently I managed to snag a snazzy 6×9 Zeiss Ikonta 520/2 folding camera built in 1930. After a full CLA restoration, I walked around my apartment complex and snapped some test shots to see if my focus was accurate and if the bellows/box were light-tight.

I got my test roll back from Wolf Camera today. Like always, their machine scratched up my film more than cats claw their owners… (one of infinitely many reasons why it’s best to develop your own film). I only drop rolls off at that shop to confirm my repairs on a camera (eliminating personal error during developing).

Artsy Ikonta Self-Portrait
This was the very first shot I took after I finished the CLA. Can’t go wrong with an artsy self-portrait…

I’m fairly impressed with the sharpness this 82 year old lens has to offer (especially considering the shape it was in before I cleaned it up). I was planning to sell this classic machine after fixing it up, but I think I’m going to hang on to it for a while.. at least for a few more rolls.

Unrelated, here’s a shot of my friend Erin (taken on my Hasselblad 503CX, 80 f/2.8, Lomo 400):

Better Times
I’m posting this photo to remind her of the happier times at her apartment, before she was yelled at for playing her beloved cello…

I’ll eventually post more photos from some other cameras I’m working on at the moment…


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