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The Dusty CityThe Dusty City

Embrace your mistakes, and build from them moving forward.

I accidentally spilled water on a negative, then mistakenly attempted to wipe it off instinctively, thus ruining it further.. Having been overexposed and not that interesting to begin with, I destroyed it even further with scratchy stuff and got lots of dust stuck to it.. I’m ok with how it came out. (Much happier with the stuff I’m going to print this weekend!)

There’s still a bag of 14 rolls of adventure I need to develop, so I’ll be posting again soon.


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Nimslo JeepNimslo Jeep

I was cleaning out grungy old packing material (I buy, repair/restore, and sell a lot of gear regularly to help with rent/utilities/life/etc.), and was tossing a huge pile of stuff into recycling, when suddenly, a roll of film dropped to the floor. No idea how long this lost set was buried among the peanuts.. The negatives were pretty badly scratched, but I’m glad I didn’t lose these Nimslo gems.

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I recently explored the Indiana Dunes. After a failed attempt at sand surfing with an apparently for-water-only boogie board (who’da thought..), I snapped this shot of a friend struggling to escape from the deathly clutches of his seemingly ravenous t-shirt.. I quite enjoy this one, especially the title I gave it. 🙂

Nice Curves

I’m about to embark on my last summer vacation ever (or for at least a short eternity). I plan to take lots of photos, and I might even share one or two… eventually.

Until then…


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