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The Hill
The Hill

Being trapped in med school prevents me from enjoying sunlight and good company, heading to the hospital as the sun rises and leaving as it sets… seeing friends by night, refueling with caffeine by day.

There are so many things I want to do.. but they have to happen slowly. Especially photography. I need months to take photos, months to wait for an open day to develop film, months to slowly scan my negatives, and months to organize, print, and post.. I’m still building a camera I designed last year… about half way done now. (You’re highly encouraged to play with film and chemistry; painting with light is infinitely more fun than pushing a shutter button.)

Drivin To Grill
A police car spontaneously combusted on 94.. the Weinermobile was prepared, and the folks on the train were as excited as they were hungry. (Vertical banding due to moving rapidly while the film turret was turning.)

Lax Bros 2012
Lax Bros 2012. No caption needed.

(Above are three shots I recently scanned from a roll I took over the course of last year…)

I’m sure I’ll post more eventually..


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Yesterday I sold my 5DMkII. I sold it for ~$500 less than I hoped (which was already ~$1000 less than I bought it for), but at least it’s gone to a good home… I sold it for two reasons: first, to make rent (which was due today), and second, to force myself to study for an endless set of massive exams looming on the horizon.

It’s weird not having my prized digital camera nearby, but I don’t miss it much. Over the last year or so the camera was just sitting on my shelf as a trophy. I’ve realized that when given the choice these days, I’ll shoot film.

Distinct Character
Not a “keeper,” but this hassy polaroid shot on FujiFilm FP100C is a good example of a distinct character, including the light leak and incorrect developing time (it was really cold outside).

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I recently explored the Indiana Dunes. After a failed attempt at sand surfing with an apparently for-water-only boogie board (who’da thought..), I snapped this shot of a friend struggling to escape from the deathly clutches of his seemingly ravenous t-shirt.. I quite enjoy this one, especially the title I gave it. 🙂

Nice Curves

I’m about to embark on my last summer vacation ever (or for at least a short eternity). I plan to take lots of photos, and I might even share one or two… eventually.

Until then…


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