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A lot has happened since I last posted here.. I’ve repaired a few more cameras and was recently given a very generous gift. An extremely kind artist offered me his broken wide format Epson printer because he believed I could repair it and put it to good use. After creating a few tools from straws, plastic tubing, gaff tape, tongue depressors, etc. and after buying a number of random spare parts, I’ve managed to get it up and running, albeit at the expense of nearly all the remaining ink.

That means exciting things are coming in the future. Provided I can find a way to buy ink and still afford to eat, I’ll be printing some epic panoramic shots I’ve taken with my beloved Widelux F7, along with some really neat shots I’ve taken with my recently restored 1932 Rolleiflex Standard 621.

Who knows, maybe there’ll be a way for folks to see my photos in person sometime relatively soon… I’ll keep you posted. (Though, relatively is a stretchable term, seeing as it pertains to my perspective on time.)

For now, enjoy my favorite shot from my first roll on the Rolleiflex:

Ghost Plows

“Ghost Plows”

1932 Rolleiflex Standard 621, Lomo 400ASA 120 film, CanoScan 9900F

I did not alter the colors… but I think the coolness is an artifact of my terrible scanner. This was a shot to test the accuracy of the taking lens’s ability to focus after my complete CLA repair of this epic camera. Not bad for the first roll through…


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