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Josh Sizing My HatJosh Sizing My Hat

After nearly four years, I’ve finally completed one of my longest adventures, and I’ve never had a larger smile on my face.

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Uhh.. Serious Pineapple
Uhh.. Serious Pineapple

I have no idea when or why I took this shot, but I love it.
(found it while browsing my infinite archive of photos..)

Very seriously considered using it as my application photo for my away rotations.. figured anyone with a sense of humor would enjoy it, but I eventually decided on a more “formal” shot to play it safe…

Luckily, it’s very likely that anyone considering me as an applicant will stumble upon this little blog anyway (which is great because I have nothing to hide), so here is where the photo lives. (Though I did make it my primary PADI SCUBA photo…)


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It’s been an awfully long time since I last updated this blog thingy… So here’re a few nice photos of the end of a work day and beginning of an adventure…

Vanessa At Work

I’m a pretty big fan of the sun. I will always prefer natural light to any other source.

On another note, life continues to keep me busy. There are two more photos after the jump:

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