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Nimslo JeepNimslo Jeep

I was cleaning out grungy old packing material (I buy, repair/restore, and sell a lot of gear regularly to help with rent/utilities/life/etc.), and was tossing a huge pile of stuff into recycling, when suddenly, a roll of film dropped to the floor. No idea how long this lost set was buried among the peanuts.. The negatives were pretty badly scratched, but I’m glad I didn’t lose these Nimslo gems.

(But.. How did you lose a roll of film?!.. The only rolls I ever misplace are test-rolls after repairs/modifications that I have a lab machine develop to remove possible human error. I usually check to make sure I fixed what I meant to fix, then forget I ever shot it… but the test rolls do usually end up in an archival box somewhere..)

Nimslo Jason
Nimslo Jason

The magic of Nimslo comes in the animation rather than the print:


Rather than use a color-crunched GIF, the script for this animation comes from the clever mind of Mat Bergman and his fantastic Lenticulations website. His script and creative use of the Nimslo 3D were actually what inspired me to dive into stereo photography a long while ago… (thanks Mat!)

Until next time…


PS: I have a ton of great Nimslo shots (as opposed to the ones from the garbage roll above), but I’ve never had time to animate or upload them.. maybe one day…

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