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Yesterday I sold my 5DMkII. I sold it for ~$500 less than I hoped (which was already ~$1000 less than I bought it for), but at least it’s gone to a good home… I sold it for two reasons: first, to make rent (which was due today), and second, to force myself to study for an endless set of massive exams looming on the horizon.

It’s weird not having my prized digital camera nearby, but I don’t miss it much. Over the last year or so the camera was just sitting on my shelf as a trophy. I’ve realized that when given the choice these days, I’ll shoot film.

Distinct Character
Not a “keeper,” but this hassy polaroid shot on FujiFilm FP100C is a good example of a distinct character, including the light leak and incorrect developing time (it was really cold outside).

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Digital cameras all have an inherent “personality,” but Film has an individual “character” that’s lost in this current digital era. Film directly captures a chemical reaction from light, while Digital interprets one. The “character” is part of the information lost to interpretation. While technologies are improving every year, I think we’re still a long way off from bridging that gap.

Aside from quality and character, I strongly believe the act of temporarily switching to film as one’s only medium is the single greatest thing a digital photographer can do to improve their shots. Film is expensive, time consuming, and requires a lot of mental processing; every shot counts, so every composition gets some much deserved dedicated thought. That means no pressing and holding a shutter button on burst mode, and no random pictures of everything you see while on safari. After this brief affair with film, the amount of “keepers” will drastically increase over time, for both mediums.

It’s impossible to do everything I want without a digital camera, and it’ll kill me to not make any movies for a while, but for now I’m okay with only using film.


PS: I recently picked up two highly regarded film cameras from the 1930s and 1970s for under $50 (including shipping) for both. I’ll post some shots after I repair and clean them.. 🙂

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