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Ironically, it’s almost early enough for me to watch the sunrise as I type this…

Sunrise In Hamsterland

I have class at 10am today, a welcomed break from the usual 8am business. I abused my extra time by editing this photo for the world (mostly for my wall). I rarely find time to rummage through my photo archives these days, but last night I found myself digging for decent photos I’ve taken with my beloved tilt-shift.

It’s come to that dreaded point where I’ve spent my backup funds on sound gear and Subway sandwiches, so I am now forced to sell my incredibly versatile Canon 24mm f/3.5 L Tilt-Shift lens. It took an eternity to save enough money/muster up the courage to purchase this guy not more than a year or so ago, and we’ve been on some fantastic adventures together, but sadly, it’s time to let him go… until I can save enough to buy it back or upgrade. 🙂

I think this delightful photo I took of a Sunrise In Hamsterland will do my lens justice as a memorial in the interim.

And that’s my speech. More to come eventually…


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