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I was lucky enough to snag one of these off eBay for a whopping $14.99 (4.99 for the lens, 10 for shipping). I’ve taken soooo many photos since my last post (aboot 80GB worth), but since I got this in the mail today I figured I’d show off my new toy first.

It’s an odd looking lens… (see below), but it sure does take perrrty pictures.


I’d say this lens is a winner. I also scooped up a perspective correction lens on the cheap (about $150, which is extremely cheap for TS/PC lenses). Hopefully that baby’ll come in sometime next week…

Speaking of shiny stuffs, I’ve also engineered and machined a dolly out of aluminum, steel, and rollerskate wheels, but I’ll write about that later. It’s a step up from the K’nex model posted earlier.

Anyway, more photos from the Nikkor-Q 135mm f/3.5 Non AI after the jump:

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